About Us

The EGEE Pallet Pvt. Ltd is a company that fabricates and supply returnable and exchangeable pool pallets of various sizes as per the client’s requirement under the brand name of EGEE Pallet.

EGPL is Looked at by Various Clients for
Our Mission

To provide excellent logistic solutions for any organization involved in movement/storage of materials by ensuring least product damage, greater efficiency, improved safety and significant cost savings.

Our Vision

Catering to the needs of the clients in Material Handling / Supply Chain Management (SCM) by making one million pallets available for use by end of 2023. Providing the services in a manner which is Eco-friendly and has no impact on environment.

Our Core values

The Business Objectives of EGPL is centred on one major theme: that good and services are provided in the most qualitative and cost effective manner possible and in the safest and most environmentally acceptable principles and practices.


Having and maintaining own pallet fleet is cumbersome and occupies plenty of space.

Having own pallet fleet will increase the necessity of having a separate inventory thereby increasing

the overall transport cost. When not in use, occupies space which incurs cost to company.


Clients can concentrate on their core business without worrying much on availability of pallets for their use.

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